Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Rickety Rafters KONG Letters

The level is filled with owls, penguins and blast barrels. You will pass through some mechanical platforms as well. If you want to get all of the KONG letters on your way to the end of the level, then follow the guide below:
Kong Letter #1:
As soon as the level starts, continue going to the right side and you will come across a penguin. If you want to get the Diddy Kong, then bounce off that penguin to reach a platform that has the Diddy Barrel. Now jetpack your way along and learn how these platforms move through levers and switches. After you have ducked beneath some of the spikes, you will reach an owl. Bop him on his head and continue forward. Soon, you will come across a KONG letter. It will be floating high in the air and it will be hard for you to reach it. So what you need to do is to bop the chicken on the head to get enough of the air time that will help you get the first KONG letter.

Kong Letter #2:
After you have grabbed the first KONG letter, continue to the right and you will come across the two rope levels. Go forward from there and you will come across the checkpoint pig. Go past that checkpoint while successfully maneuvering through the level and soon you will be able to spot the second KONG letter clear as day. It will be floating above an owl. But you cannot directly get to the KONG letter. To get to it, you will have to bounce off the owl and then grab it.

Kong Letter #3:
Once you have collected the second KONG letter, you will see some water plants beneath the owl on the wooden platform. Go ahead and grab those. Now use them to hit the switches for the platforms. Keep on moving and you will come across a penguin that will be shooting fish arrows. Defeat the penguin and then continue forward. Soon you will come across the blast barrel where you will see third KONG letter high in the air to the right side. To get to that KONG letter, you will have to use the chicken. Bounce off of it and grab the letter.

Kong Letter #4:
After collecting the third KONG letter, you will come across a row of an owl. Go past that and you will land inside a blast barrel. Keep moving through the level and you will soon come across the flaming blue owls. The last KONG letter is on the other side of the top owl. You need to drop down quickly, then climb the vine and jump onto the platform to get the Puzzle piece. But be quick as that platform will move backwards soon.

These are all the steps that you need to take if you want to get all of the KONG letters in the level. Make sure to follow all the instructions to get all of them.