Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Rodent Ruckus Puzzle Pieces

The whole level is based on a rocket ride through the mines. There are a lot of ups and downs in this level. And if you are looking forward to getting all five pieces of puzzle then make sure to follow this guide below:
Puzzle Piece #1:
The levels starts with you riding the rocket but before riding the rocket, there will be a raised platform at the start, go underneath it and you will come across a secret room. Go in the secret room and then collect all the bananas in there. Just make sure to collect them all within 30 seconds to reveal the first piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #2:
Now you will start the level by riding the rocket. You can blast off the rocket by hitting B button. You can also tilt the rocket upwards and downwards with the B button. If you done press the B button, Donkey Kong will crash into ground. But if you press B button too much, you will hit the ceiling. So it’s all about balancing and timing. Keep on playing while maintaining the balance and soon you will come across wheel of cheese with sliced portion. Just after that, there will be blocks of cheese. Duck under the column of cheese and then quickly ascend. You will be able to get the puzzle piece above the smaller cube of cheese that is descending.

Puzzle Piece #3:
Keep on going forward while dodging the cheese and soon you will come across a rat that is swinging on cheese just like before. Go further from there and you will reach the first checkpoint. Go past the checkpoint and you will see a line of bananas. Collect every single banana that is in that line to reveal the third piece of the puzzle. It will appear at a height, so make sure you turn sharply to grab it.

Puzzle Piece #4:
Just after grabbing the third puzzle piece you will come across some swinging lights. Ride your rocket from there carefully and then shortly you will spot the fourth piece of the puzzle. It will be below you so make sure you are quick enough in diving to grab that piece. Maintain your level as soon as you get to piece of puzzle to avoid crashing into ground.

Puzzle Piece #5:
Soon you will reach the second checkpoint, go past it and you will be faced with a giant piece of wheel that will be like the giant saw blade in the level 2-4. But this wheel will change its course. This time it will be in front of you. So go ahead while maintaining a distance from the wheel. Soon you will come across the slot barrel. Don’t go inside yet, instead, go to the right and you will locate a hidden cove with the fifth piece of the puzzle.

Follow all of the steps carefully and you will definitely nab all of the puzzle pieces in the first try.