Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Sawmill Thrill KONG Letters

The level is based on you riding a mine cart which then turns into a wooden log. Keep riding the cart and soon you will be chased by a giant saw blade. Steer clear of that saw and keep going forward to end the level. If you want to grab all four KONG letters on your way then follow the instructions given below:
Kong Letter #1:
To get the first KONG letter, you don’t have to do much. In order to get it, all you need to do is first to go right and hop in the barrel cannon. Once you are inside the cannon, it will shoot you in the air and you will land on a mine cart and that level will start. Now just jump onto the large log and you will be able to get the first KONG letter that is “K”.

Kong Letter #2:
After you have collected the first Kong letter, you need to continue going to the right side. After a while, you will again come across a large log. Now what you need to do is to hop and then duck under the large log that is being cut actively. You will need to jump onto the upward path and then stick to that path. Soon, you will roll right into the second letter of KONG that is “O”.

Kong Letter #3:
After getting the second KONG letter, keep playing the game and soon you will come across the checkpoint pig. Pass the checkpoint pig and your cart will convert into a log. And then, you will go into a water portion of this level. An important mechanic that you need to keep in mind is that when you jump your log will submerge for a while once you land. This is important for collecting the items. Just keep going forward and you will soon spot the third KONG letter that will be floating beneath the water. To collect that letter, you will need to jump a little bit before you reach the big owl to timely submerge into the water to nab the third KONG letter. And then quickly get onto the path before you smash into the wall.

Kong Letter #4:
After the third letter, you will not see the fourth letter for a while so keep playing the game. And when you enter the section where a giant blade will chase you, keep going forward and soon the tracks will disappear. You will then have to rely on the flying pieces of the track. Stay on these pieces for as long as you can so that you get enough airtime to catch the next piece. Ride the third piece all the way and to grab the last KONG letter, just smudge under the exit tracks.

Read the above-given instructions carefully and then follow them closely to make sure that you get all of the four KONG letters on time and in one try.