Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Sawmill Thrill Puzzle Pieces

The Level Sawmill Thrill is indeed a thrilling level with a mine cart taking you to the end through water and a giant saw blade. Just avoid the owl foes and follow the instructions below to get all of the five puzzle pieces.
Puzzle Piece #1:
To get the first piece of the puzzle, as soon as the level starts, instead of going to the right, you need to go to the left side. When you go to the right, you will find a hidden cove that will be hiding a grassy surface. Go to that grassy surface and that will lead you to the first puzzle piece that is on the platform above the ground. You cannot reach there besides going through the grassy surface. Now then go and hop in the barrel cannon and you will land in a mine car and the tour will begin.

Puzzle Piece #2:
Right off the bat, there will be two collectable. The first one will be a Kong letter; you can get it by jumping onto the large log. Anyways, to get the second puzzle piece. You will need to go beneath the wooden log after the K. Just duck to get the puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #3:
Keep on going to the right and soon you will come across the first checkpoint, just after that, your cart will transform into a log and you will enter the water portion of this stage. You need to remember that when you jump in this section, you will submerge. So keeping that in mind, continue forward and you will come across a Kong letter. Just after that letter you will see a reddish and orange shed. It may seem it is closed but it is not. Jump upwards to get inside and get the third piece of the puzzle.

Puzzle Piece #4:
Once you have the third piece of the puzzle, just keep on going to the right and soon you will come across some spikes, duck under the spikes to avoid them. Now soon after them, you will come across a big owl bobbing. To avoid this owl, you need to jump before him to swim beneath the owl. This way, you will go inside a secret room. There will be a lot of bananas in the secret room. Collect all of the bananas before the time of 30 seconds runs out. As soon as you collect all the bananas, you will reveal the fourth puzzle piece. Go ahead and grab it.

Puzzle Piece #5:
Now after the secret room you will come across the end of this mine cart operation as Donkey Kong and his log will turn into the Donkey Kong and his mine cart again. After that, you will pass the final checkpoint. After that, a big saw blade will start to roll after you. And the track this saw cuts flies ahead and creates some new platforms for you. After you hop over the first gap, you will see a small wooden block in front of you. Jump on the block and then quickly jump towards the next and longer platform. Now hop from there to grab the fifth puzzle piece.

This is it; these are all the steps that you need to follow to get all of the five Puzzle Pieces in this level. Just follow the instructions to get them all quickly.