Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Sea Stack Attack KONG Letters

The level is filled with exciting things that will definitely entertain you. There will be some boxes that will block your way at different occasions, just use bombs to destroy them. And if you are looking to get all KONG letters on your way to the end of the level then take a look at the instructions below:
Kong Letter #1:
As soon as the level starts, go towards the right side and you will come across some enemies on your way. Bop them on the head and continue to the right side. Soon you will come across a penguin that will throw bombs at you from the background. There will also be some boxes that will be destroying your path. So pick one bomb up and destroy the boxes to open your path. Now you will see a grassy patch at the ceiling after going a bit further. Grab that patch and go forward. You will soon spot the first KONG letter. It will be floating above a small rocky platform. Go above that platform, and then drop on it to get the first KONG letter. Just make sure to grab it quickly and get back to safety as the platform starts to sink as soon as you step on it.

Kong Letter #2:
After getting the first KONG letter, keep on going towards the right side and soon you will come across the first checkpoint. Go past the first checkpoint and you will see a Kong Barrel. Pick an ally if you want and continue to the right side. Go a bit further and you will spot the second KONG letter. To get it, you will first have to land on the solid ground and then you will have to roll jump to grab the second KONG letter.

Kong Letter #3:
Continue to the right side and you will see some penguins, roll through them and pick up the watermelon bomb. Use the bombs to destroy the box that is blocking your path. Go through the blast barrel and you will land at a platform where there will be penguins throwing a few bombs at you. You need to wait for the platform that is on the right side to come down so toss the penguins off the edge while it comes down. Once the platform is descended, throw a watermelon bomb at the boxes nearby. Now follow the path while bopping the enemies on the platforms that are sinking. You will spot the next KONG letter past the flaming owl. To get it, use the fish arrows to jump up and nab it.

Kong Letter #4:
Keep going forward and you will come across the next checkpoint. Continue going forward and you will come across a penguin that will be shooting fish arrows at you. Just after that, you will see the final KONG letter hanging on one side of the slapping board. Land on to the platform at the right side, duck and then wait for the letter, it will come back, when it does, jump up and get it.

These are all the instructions that you need to follow to get all four KONG letters of this level. Just make sure to understand all the steps mentioned above.