Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Seashore War Puzzle Pieces

Donkey Kong is indeed full of secret locations, puzzles and letter hunts. Same is with the Seashore war area of the game. You will need to collect 5 puzzle pieces in this area just like all other areas and doing so is not hard at all. Still, this guide will assist you in finding all 5 puzzle pieces in the Seashore War. So without further ado, let’s get started:
First Piece:
Finding the first puzzle piece is not as hard as finding the other ones. This piece can be located at the start of the game. When you start the seashore war chapter, you will find the letter K at the beginning. Just pull up the root that is at the right of the letter K and you will pull up a ship beneath you. You will see that there is a puzzle piece inside the ship. You can get that puzzle piece by stomping at the platforms at the center of ship.

Second Piece:
After you have found the first puzzle piece, just stomp on fruit to get a barrel cannon released. Now jump into that cannon to throw yourself in to the secret area. Once you reach there, grab all the bananas and you have to do it quickly. You need to collect all bananas in 30 seconds and you will get the second puzzle piece.

Third Piece:
Now after getting the second piece, keep on playing the game and soon you will see a circle of bananas that will be placed above an iceberg. Now the only thing that you need to do is to jump and collect all the bananas in the circle. Once you do that, the third puzzle piece will spawn and you can collect it.

Fourth Piece:
After you have grabbed the third puzzle piece, you will see vine, grab it and land on the platform of the ship. Once you land there, there will be a secret area beneath you. To enter it, stomp on the ice and you will get a way to do inside. Inside the secret area, grab the bananas and do it quickly before the timer ends. Once done, you will see the fourth puzzle piece.

Fifth Piece:
After collecting the fourth piece, advance a bit in the game and you will see a plant above you and at your right side. To get there, you need to bounce of the enemy’s head that is waiting for you beneath the plant. Bounce of its head while it is in the mid jump and get to the plant. Stomp on the plant to get the fifth piece.

This is it, these are the places where you will find the all 5 puzzle pieces. Just make sure to keep your eyes open and spot the things that are mentioned in this guide to find the puzzle pieces.