Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Shoal Atol KONG Letters

The level is like a maze in the deep sea. You will be confused between keys and chests. So make sure to follow the guide below to get out of this level and get the all four KONG letters as well.
Kong Letter #1:
When you start this level, make sure to start it with Dixie, she will help you get access to some important places. Anyways, as the level starts, go to the right, and you will come across a bridge. Don't just step on it, the bridge will collapse, so instead, jump in the middle and then jump onto the little cliff as soon as you land at the middle of the bridge. Now on your way to the bridge, you may have seen the KONG letter. It was floating high in the air above some penguins. If you didn’t get it, just use the penguin to reach it and then quickly grab it.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have collected the first KONG letter, go ahead and dive into the water. Go down and then go towards the opening at the right side. Go all the way towards the right side and go past the red chest and into the passage on the upper side. As soon as you enter the passage, you will notice the second KONG letter. It is easy to get it, just swim up and then nab it. Make sure to avoid the shark of orange color and then enter the path that is on the upper left side.

Kong Letter #3:
As you come out of the gate you will see the red key; it will open the chest from earlier. Head to the right to find it; you will get a green key out of the red chest. Pick up the key and then take the path at the lower right hand. Move along and you will enter a room with a yellow chest. You need a yellow key for that so move out of the room through the bottom right path. Once you come out, you will see a green chest, open it and you will get a blue key. Now swim around towards the bottom, make sure to avoid the eel. You will see the third KONG letter in the middle. Grab it and then leave the room through the left passage.

Kong Letter #4:
Now in this hallway, collect all bananas and the hole will open in the ceiling, go into the hole and you will enter a small room. There will be a blue chest with the yellow key in it. Open it and get the key. Now swim back to the top and use the left path to leave the room. You will be back at the entrance of the maze. Now enter the depth of the maze again. Swim all the way towards the right and enter the next room through the bottom right path. Swim along and avoid the puffer fish and you will enter the room as the yellow chest. Open it and collect the purple key. After that, you will enter a hallway of the long jet stream. Follow all bananas and they will lead you to the final KONG letter.

Follow all of the steps mentioned below to gather all four KONG letters in this maze-like level.