Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Twilight Terror KONG Letters

This one is a rocket barrel level, so that means you will be riding a rocket the whole level. It is going to be a crazy ride where you will travel both underwater and above the water. Just make sure to avoid all obstacles and continue to the right side. If you want to nab all the four KONG letters on your way to the right, then follow the instructions written below:
Kong Letter #1:
It will be very easy to get the first KONG letter at this level as it will be right in front of you. As the level starts, you need to go to the right side and you will see a rocket barrel. Hop into it and the level will start. Go to the right side and you will see a path of banana bunches. You need to follow that path and it will lead you to the first KONG letter. Once you reach it, go ahead and nab it.

Kong Letter #2:
Once you have collected the first KONG letter, continue to the right side and you will spot the lone path of some banana goodies. Go past them while making sure to watch out for the arch, it’s not a background element. Continue to right while staying close to the water and a small arch will come. The second KONG letter will be in that small arch in the middle of the bananas. Make sure you stay close to the surface of the water or you will miss the arch. Once you see the arch, go a bit low and grab the KONG letter.

KONG Letter #3:
After you have grabbed the second KONG letter, continue to the right, and you will come across a giant eel fish type of thing. Keep going to the right from there, and you will soon come across the first checkpoint. Go past the checkpoint and be prepared to dodge big nets of fish. Continue going forward while dodging the nets and you will soon spot the third KONG letter. It will be above a small net. Go a bit upward and collect it.

KONG letter #4:
Once you have nabbed the third puzzle piece, continue forward while dodging the nets. Soon, you will come across the final checkpoint. Go past the checkpoint and you will see a fish that will bring up bubbles with bananas inside them. What a good fish! Anyways, keep going forward while collecting the bananas in the bubbles and you will see that the fish will bring up the last bubble that will have the last KONG letter in it. Go ahead and grab that letter from the bubble.

The level is a bit arduous to clear as you will be steering a rocket and it is a lot different controlling the rocket than the Donkey Kong. Anyways, just follow all of the instructions mentioned above and you will be able to get all of the KONG letters before the level ends.