Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Windmill Hills KONG Letters

The level Windmill Hills, as the name suggests, is filled with windmills and you will have a lot of fun in this level. Just make sure to jump quickly through the unstable platforms. If you want to get all of the KONG letters in this level then make sure to follow all of the instructions mentioned below:
Kong Letter #1:
It is very easy to get the first KONG letter. As the level starts, move along towards your first windmill. Get the Dixie Barrel that is sitting in the center and continue towards the right. Soon you will come across an owl and will see the first KONG letter that is “K” floating above that owl. What you need to do is to bop that owl on the head. This way, you will now only be able to get the first KONG letter, but you will get enough jump and speed to get to the next windmill.

Kong Letter #2:
After getting the first KONG letter, advance through the windmills until you come across a blast cannon. Now shoot yourself onto a springboard. Keep going to the right side from there and you will come across a fiery pig. Go past that pig and continue going forward, soon you will come across a building on the right side. Go inside the building and bounce your way in the upward direction. You will be able to see the second KONG letter out in the open. Now all you need to do is to jump to the right side and grab that second KONG letter.

Kong letter #3:
Once you have the second KONG letter, keep going in the upwards direction and you will come across a barrel cannon. Go inside that barrel cannon and you will land on a zip line platform. Ride it all the way to the downward direction and you will come across the next checkpoint pig. Just past that checkpoint, you will see a windmill. Just to the right side of that windmill, you will see the third KONG letter on a platform at the bottom right side. Go ahead and grab it.

Kong Letter #4:
After the third KONG letter, keep going to the right and you will land on a section that is filled with crumbling platforms. There are no collectibles in this area so just make your way through it. Once you are through the unstable platforms, jump inside the barrel cannon. And when you get inside the third cannon, the fourth KONG letter will appear. Now all you need to do is to time your shot to nab the fourth letter. But make sure to be quick as the letter will not stay there for long.

If you follow all the instructions mentioned above then you will be able to get all of the KONG letters before the level ends.