Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Wing Ding KONG Letters

The level Wing Ding is filled with a lot of zip-lines and some towers where you will have to jump your way to the top. If you want to get all four KONG letters on your way to the end of the level then follow the guide below:
Kong Letter #1:
Getting the first KONG letter at this level is not a challenging task. As soon as the level starts, continue your journey by going to the right and when you reach the bells, slap the ground in front of them. This will break open the wall. Now grab the Zip-Line and be ready to try out a new technique. Whenever you spot the bells along the zip-line, you need to hit the ZL or the ZR button and Donkey Kong will roll and ring the bells. Ringing all the bells will result in the smashing of obstacles or the revealing of different prizes, so make sure to ring all of them. Now make sure to follow the zip-line towards the end and you will spot the first KONG letter at the top. You need to jump in a timely manner to be able to collect that KONG letter.

Kong Letter #2:
When you land from the zip-line, you will reach the first checkpoint. Jump your way past the unstable platforms and then use the fish arrows of the enemy to bounce your way towards the suspicious platform. Now you will come across the B-line, slide along it while dodging all of the obstacles and enemies. Near the end of the vine, you will be able to spot the second KONG letter clear as a day. The letter will be floating above the big owl. Jump off of his head in a timely manner to grab the second Kong letter.

Kong Letter #3:
After getting the second KONG letter, you will come across the second checkpoint. Past it, you will reach a blast cannon that will shoot you inside a big tower. Hop your way along until you come across a Kong barrel, get the buddy of your choice and then move towards the wave of zip-lining. Slide along the zip-lines until you come across the third KONG letter that will be beneath the lower zip-line near the end of the screen Drop down to that lower zip line and collect the KONG letter. Once you have collected it, jump back up or else you will fall down.

Kong Letter #4:
Keep playing the game and you will come across the final checkpoint, past that checkpoint you will discover a barrel cannon that will shoot you inside the final tower. Hop up your way up while staying at the right side and you will see two owl enemies. Bounce off of them and land on the small platform above them. You will see the last KONG letter floating just above you. Jump up and nab it.

This is it! These are all the instructions that you need to follow to make sure you get all of the KONG letters.