Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Zip-Line Shrine KONG Letters

The level Zip Line shrine is filled with a lot of zip lines and moustache platforms. Keep going through these obstacles and follow the instructions below to get all the KONG letters on your way:
Kong Letter #1:
As the level starts, go to the right side and you will see a ring in the ground. Pull that ring and the door on the right side will open. As the door opens, you can continue to the level. Continue going to the right side by going through the platforms and timing your jumps. Soon you will come across the first zip line. Slide down through that first zip line and then continue to the right side, you will come across another zip line. Follow that zip line to the end and you will see the first KONG letter, jump in a timely manner to grab the first Kong Letter that is “K”.

Kong Letter #2:
Now after you have grabbed the first KONG letter, move along the way and follow all the zip lines that come in your way. Once you are outside, you will come across a grasshopper. Defeat the grasshopper and continue towards the right side. Soon, you will see the second KONG letter. The letter will be guarded by an enemy that is a dragonfly. What you need to do is to jump onto the platform that is swaying and then jump back to the left to collect that letter.

Kong Letter #3:
After getting the first KONG letter, you need to keep going to the right side through zip line platforming. To drop down onto a lower vine, you will have to let go of the current vine by pressing the “Y” button. And once you are on the lower vine, repress the “Y” button to grab it. Keep going forward through the zip line and dodge all the obstacles that come in your way. And once you reach at the end of the zip line section, you will see the third KONG letter, go ahead and grab it.

Kong Letter #4:
After the third KONG letter, keep going to the right and you come across a blast barrel that will shoot you to the first checkpoint. Keep going to the right through the stone mustaches and blast your way across. Continue to the right through the blast barrels and you will reach the second checkpoint. Now you need to jump inside the next mustache cannon and shoot yourself onto the swaying platform in a timely manner. Below will be the fourth KONG letter. If you have the Dixie Kong, it will not be an issue to collect that letter. But, if you have lost it, then jump on to the enemy owl at the right side and then jump onto the second enemy that has “G” above. You will have enough power and speed to get to the safety.

This is all there is to get all the four KONG letters. Follow all the instructions given above and you will be able to get them all.