Download WeChat for Your Windows Laptop

Since the WeChat program is a mobile app that can be installed only on the smartphones, you must use a workaround. In order to install any mobile app (including WeChat) on your Windows laptop, you must download and install an Android emulator.

Although there are several Android emulators available out there, in this demonstration BlueStacks is used. When you download and install the BlueStacks Android emulator, you can get the exact Android interface on your computer screen from where you can access the Google Play Store, and download and install the apps of your choice.

Note: BlueStacks is just an emulator that is used by Android developers to test the apps that they are developing, or the ones that are already developed.

Note: BlueStacks is not compatible with the BitDefender antivirus program. If you have BitDefender installed on your computer, you must uninstall it before you start installing BlueStacks. If you do not uninstall BitDefender from your computer, the installation process of BlueStacks prompts you to do so.

You can download BlueStacks from, and once it is downloaded, the installation process is same as installing any other Windows application, which requires double-clicking the executable file and going through the installation wizard.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed BlueStacks on your computer, here is how you can install and use WeChat on your Windows PC:

    ■Turn on your Windows laptop.
    ■Assuming that you have already downloaded and installed BlueStacks on your computer, launch the BlueStack application by double-clicking its icon.
    ■On the BlueStacks interface that appears, locate and click the menu icon.

    ■From the next interface, click PlayStore.

    ■Once the PlayStore window appears, type WeChat in the search bar and hit Enter to search the app.
    ■Click WeChat from the available result list.

    ■On the WeChat page, click INSTALL.

    ■Click ACCEPT to continue with the installation process.

    ■Once the WeChat app is installed on the Windows, double-click the WeChat icon to launch the application on your laptop.