Enable QuickType (iOS 8)

Predictive typing is a feature that is available in almost all smartphones. When QuickType is enabled, iOS 8 automatically assumes the words as you start typing their characters, and once it detects the entire word, the word is instantaneously inserted in the document.

Although the predictive typing feature is integrated in the mobile phones to help people type easily and quickly, it doesn't always guess words correctly, so some might not want to use it.

For the most part, though, it's helpful. Here's how to turn it on:

    ■Turn on your iOS 8 iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button.
    ■To unlock the device, slide your finger from left to right on the screen (screen with the slide to unlock text).

    ■Tap Settings from the Home screen.

    ■Tap General from the Settings window.

    ■Once the General window comes up, locate and tap Keyboard.

    ■On the Keyboards interface, slide to enable the Predictive toggle button.

    ■Once done, you can start typing the messages and texts easily and quickly using the Quick Type feature.