Enabling HTC One M8 Extreme Power Saving Mode

Due to increased graphics resolution and other resource intensive programs in smartphones, the battery may not last very long. As a result, most mobile phones need to be charged once a day.

Although the extensive battery consumption in smartphones cannot be eliminated completely, it can still be controlled with the help of power saving modes.

The HTC One M8 features a mode called "Extreme Power Saving." When the Extreme Power Saving Mode is enabled, the device starts consuming the battery optimally by automatically disabling the unwanted programs when they are not in use.

Here is how you can enable the Extreme Power Saving Mode in your HTC One M8 smartphone:

    ■Turn on your HTC One M8 smartphone.
    ■From the Home screen, swipe your two fingers from top to bottom to open the quick settings interface.
    ■Tap Settings from the opened window.
    ■Once the Settings window appears, locate and tap Power.
    ■On the Power window, slide to enable the Extreme Power Saving Mode toggle button.
    ■Once done, start using your HTC one M8 smartphone without worrying about its battery life.

Note: When the Extreme Power Saving Mode is enabled, it is likely that some features may stop working as soon as the display turns off. Make sure that you configure your smartphone correctly in order to get the best possible user experience.