Erase Previous Old Wi-Fi Connections from Your Laptop

People often carry their laptops everywhere they go. Since most laptops have a built-in Wi-Fi network card, you can connect your laptop with any of the available wireless networks as long as the wireless access point (WAP) has been set up to accept connection requests.

After you leave a place, even though your laptop gets disconnected from the wireless network, the name of the network remains in the laptop and is always displayed whenever you open the wireless networks list.

Although leaving the traces of the previously connected wireless networks doesn’t harm your laptop at all, you might want to remove the networks in order to reduce the number of the unused wireless networks from the list, especially when you are sure that you will never use those wireless networks again.. By doing so you can prevent the wireless networks list in your laptop from getting overpopulated with the useless wireless network names.

Here is how you can remove the previous Wi-Fi network connections (now unused) from your Windows laptop (Windows 7 is used in this demonstration):

    ■Log on to your Windows 7 PC with an administrative account.
    ■On the desktop window, locate and right-click the Internet network icon in the system tray from the bottom-right corner.
    ■From the displayed list, click Open Network and Sharing Center.

    ■On the next interface, under the left pane, click Manage wireless networks.

    ■Under the Networks you can view, modify, and reorder section, locate and right-click the desired connection that you want to remove from your laptop.
    ■From the context menu that appears, click the Remove network option.

    ■On the warning message box that appears, click Yes to confirm the deletion.