Extend the Battery Life on Your Android Wear

Just like other smart devices such as your smartphone, tablet, etc., some tweaks, when applied, can also remarkably extend the battery life of your Android smartwatch. In order to increase the battery life, there are some best practices (described below) that you can use to configure your smartwatch for longer durations.

Note: In this tutorial, we use an LG G Watch. These steps will likely help you with any smartwatch, though the steps to perform them may be slightly different.

Follow these guidelines to extend your smartwatch’s battery life:

    ■Double-tap the screen of the LG G Watch smartwatch.
    ■Locate and tap Settings from the opened screen.

    ■On the Settings screen, tap Adjust brightness.

    ■Once the next screen appears, tap to choose the desired brightness level.

    Note: Keep the brightness level low in order to save your battery of the smartwatch.
    ■Once this done, slide the screen to the right to go back on Settings.
    ■Locate and tap to set the Always-on screen to Off from the Settings screen.

    ■After this, keep sliding the screen to the right till you exit from the Settings screen.
    ■Back on the watchface, swipe the screen downwards to mute the notifications and to save more battery.

Note: If you wish to enable the notifications, swipe the screen downwards on the Watch Face again.

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