Find Your iPhone Using Mac or Windows PC

If you don’t have your iPhone in your pocket while you’re out, the chances are that you might have forgot taking it along with you while leaving your home, or left it at your friend’s house or at the shop you stopped by to grab some snacks.
If you’re unsure as where you your iPhone could possible be, iCloud helps you locate the phone, or any other iOS device, with a few simple steps.
Here’s how:
    Get to the iCloud website on your computer
    Launch your favorite web browser on a Windows or Mac computer, and go to This opens the iCloud’s website on your browser.


    Sign in to your iCloud account
    Enter your Apple ID and password in their corresponding fields respectively, and hit Enter or click the Go (Sign In) button. This signs you in to your iCloud account, that further lets you manage all your iOS devices associated with this ID.

    Locate your iPhone

Click Find iPhone, click All Devices from the top, and from the list that opens up, click the iPhone (or any other iOS device) that you want to locate. This searches your iPhone, and marks its location on the map displayed on the screen.




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