Find Your Lost Android Smartphone with Android Device Manager

If you’ve misplaced your Android smartphone, don’t worry too much: Android Device Manager is designed to help you find your missing device. Of course, you’ll have to turn it on before you lose your device, but once it’s operational, you’ll be able to find your phone much more easily than you would have otherwise.

Step 1
If you haven’t already lost your device, make sure that Android Device Manager is actually switched on. You can do this from your phone’s Google Settings menu. Just tap “Android Device Manager” and select which management functions you want to enable. These include remote locate, remote lock, and remote wipe.

Step 2
To actually locate your lost device, visit on your web browser. You may be prompted to login to your Google Account.

Step 3
If you have multiple devices hooked up to the Android Device Manager, you will have to select the one you are looking for. Once you have done this, though, the manager will show you the “approximate location” of your phone or device. You will also have options to make the phone ring—if you are searching in your house and can’t find it, for instance—or to remotely lock it or wipe it to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Losing a phone or tablet can be a real blow, not just to your wallet, but to your own day-to-day efficiency. Most of us are so attached to our phones and the features they offer at this point that it’s tough to live without them. Luckily, the Android Device Manager makes it easier than ever before to find a misplaced phone.