Fix Apple TV Always Buffering Issue

Sometimes you may find it hard to play or stream media content you have downloaded from the Apple iTunes service or experience constant buffering during an episode of your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu. This persistent buffering or streaming is enough to drain any thrill or excitement you had about watching whatever HD video that you had planned to watch.
To solve this constant buffering issue, you can run the following checks and fixes by yourself at home.

Run an Internet Speed Check
Confirm that your ISP speed is fast enough to play the video uninterrupted. Check your internet speed on a website dedicated to ISP speed testing like ISP speeds ranging from 15 MBPS and above should be able to stream HD videos without constant buffering. If you have a fast internet and still experience buffering, then carry on with the following checks. If your ISP gives you a slow speed, you can call them to make a complaint or change your data provider.

Check Wireless Network
Run a check on your WiFi service, ensuring your connection is strong. Ensure your router is in range and is unhindered from transmitting signal. Another step is to disconnect from the WiFi network, forget the network and reconnect anew. To forget and reconnect to a WiFi network, follow the following steps:
1. Go to Settings on Apple TV
2. Select General
3. Select Network
4. Select WiFi
5. Pick the network you’re connected to and click Forget
6. After these, scan and reconnect to the network.

Reset Apple TV
Restoring your Apple TV to its original settings can solve your buffering issues. To reset you Apple TV’s settings, follow the following steps:
1. Open Settings
2. Select General
3. Scroll to and select Reset
4. Select Reset All Settings
5. Your Apple TV will restart itself automatically
Now try streaming a video again and see if there is any change, if not you may have to pull the ultimate fix out. Restoring your Apple TV.

Restoring Your Apple TV
This entails returning your Apple TV to its factory settings and deleting all of your configurations, settings, and preferences. To restore your Apple TV to its factory settings, follow the following steps:
1. Open Settings
2. Select General
3. Choose Reset
4. From the options available select Restore
5. Your TV will take a while to restore, to ensure the process is not interrupted.

Other Options
You don’t have to take any of these drastic methods in all instances, you may be able to take the following easier steps towards diagnosing the cause of your buffering videos:

Switch Off
It’s as simple as turning your Apple TV off and on. This soft reboot can help recalibrate your connections.

Third Party Service
Sometimes the buffering is from the video provider experiencing a downtime. Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services may have specific network issues affecting their service delivery. So be sure to verify if the buffering and lagging is a general issue or restricted to a particular network.
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