Fortnite Battle Royale - All Chest Locations in Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores encompasses five large houses, and among these houses, 4 contain chests. The area is located at the far west side of the map that is along the coast. It is usually not a crowded place, and if you drop here, you will not face much competition. The reason of Snobby Shores being an isolated area is that it is located at the end of the map and people usually like to drop at places that stay under the circle for a long time.

Now if we talk about chests, then Snobby Shores has a total of 11 chests that spawn in different locations. So in this guide, I will tell you about where you can find these chests. Okay so without further ado, let’s see all chest locations in Snobby Shores:

Area 1:
The location marked as number 1 is the second house in the row as the first house doesn’t have any chests, but it is worth searching it as there are chances that you may get a rare weapon. Anyways, the house at number 1 has four chests and therefore it is the best place to land. You will find the first chest at the back garden on a bench. Two chests will be in the roof sections, and the last chest will be in the bathroom behind its door.

Area 2:
The house at number 2 has two chests. There are two rooms in the house having larger windows; you will find both chests there. One is in the bathroom while the other chest is in the small room having a chair facing towards the window.

Area 3:
The house at number three contains three chests. You will find two chests inside the house and one outside the house. The two chests can be found in the roof sections, one inside the attic and the other chest can be located above the garage. The chest outside the house can be found behind the bar in the back corner.

Area 4:
You will need to make some effort to fund the two chests this house has. Not many people know this, but there is a bunker beneath the house. You can access this bunker by going to the southern room and destroying the bookcase. Once you do that, you will find a door. Go through that door, and you will find both of the chests inside the bunker. Players usually search the house, and when they do not find the chests, they leave. But knowing this secret of a bunker, you will get the chests even if you get there late.

Now that you know how many chests Snobby Shores has and how you can get to them. Don’t land there after other players. Just rush to the place and start looting, you will be rich with loot in no time.
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