Fortnite Battle Royale Assault Rifles Tips

Are you an assault rifle player? If yes then you will know how incredible assault rifles are. It doesn’t matter if it is AR, SCAR, Scoped Rifle or AR Burst, it is always great to use these guns. But, you may not be using these weapons to their fullest. In order to use these awesome weapons to their full extent, you need to know about their mechanics and how these guns work. Moreover, you need to know some secrets that only professional players know. These are the things that will help you use the assault rifles in an incredible way by turning you into a killer machine. So without further ado, let me give you some tips about the Assault Rifles.

Reduce the Bloom:
Firstly, with the assault rifles, there is a drawback of bloom. The bloom makes the game more realistic as it makes the bullets go in slightly different directions than in the courses they were fired. While there is no way to eradicate the bloom, you can still reduce it. What you need to do is to stay still and crouch when you are firing especially from greater distances. And if you are using scoped rifle, make sure to fire slightly above from your target if you are far from your enemy. This will not only lessen the bloom; it will greatly enhance the accuracy as well.

Lower the Sensitivity:
Professional players usually play with lower sensitivity. The reason is that they can get more control on mouse movements with low sensitivity. If you have a very high sensitivity, the chances are that you will not be able to take precise aim while firing with assault rifles, why? Because with high sensitivity, crosshair tends to move a lot.

Fire in Bursts:
The best thing that you can do to make sure you are firing accurately with your assault rifles is to fire in bursts. If you fire continuously, your gun will recoil a lot, and you will miss the target. But if you fire in short bursts with 1-second clicks, your gun will not go up much, and you will be landing shots either at the target or very close to it. This way you will have a great accuracy with assault rifles.

Aim for the Upper area:
When you are using assault rifles, always try to maintain your aim at the head level. Trust me; you will get a lot more kills this way than keeping the aim downwards. The reason of this is that when you are maintaining aim at head level, you will not face many difficulties in landing shots at either head or chest. And both of these areas deal significant damage. So keep your aim high and try to fire in bursts, this will profoundly improve your game.

Assault rifle is unequivocally a must-have weapon in your inventory if you want to survive longer. Just make sure to practice these tips a lot of times to get better at handling assault rifles and then watch yourself turning into a terminator.