Fortnite Battle Royale - Best Loot Locations in Season 4

With the season 4, a lot of new locations have been introduced in Fortnite Battle Royale and among those places, there are some places that contain a lot of good amount of loot. So to get all the loot in those places, follow the guide below:

Lucky Landing:
Lucky Landing is indeed a great place to land if you are looking for chests, weapons and some early game action. But mostly because of the amount of loot this location has. If you want to get a gun as soon as you land there, just land to the towers and usually the towers encompass weapons. You can then use guns to kill other players who are still in searching phase and collect all of the loot in the area. Also, the big pink tree at the center of the area contains a chest. Just cut down the tree with your axe and you will see the chest sitting on its place.

Snobby Shores:
If you go to the mountain that is near Snobby Shores and at 4B on the map, you will be surprised. This is because the ordinary looking mountain is actually a secret villain lair. You will find chests, weapons, healing items and ammo boxes in the mountain. Also, if you go at the top of the mountain, you will find a chest there as well. The chest will be inside a shed. Break the door of the shed and you will see the chest. Another reason that it is a good loot location is that not many players land there so you will have all the loot for yourself.

Mansion at J6:
If you go to the east of the map you will find a mansion that is located at the top right corner of J6. At first, it will seem like an ordinary mansion but if you go behind it, you will see a secret entrance like Batman used to have for his base. Enter the mansion through that entrance, and you will see a chest right in front of you. Also, you will find weapons and healing items as well. Go to the top and you will get some more weapons and possibly a sniper as well.

South West of Junk Junction:
It is true that there is not much to loot at Junk Junction, but if you go the south west of this area, there will be a small crater exactly at the top left corner of D2 in the map. There will be a truck there with some loot and possibly a chest. Also, you will find good loot near and inside that crater. The benefit of landing there is that you will get instant weapons and other gear and then you can move towards the center of the circle.

These are all of the best places in Season 4 of Battle Royale where you can find more loot and fewer players. This way, you will have more items and weapons.
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