Fortnite Battle Royale - Best Tips for Beginners

Although a decent amount of time has been passed since the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale, a lot of players are just starting to play it now. And therefore, they want to know how to get better at this game. So if you are one of those players, then this post is for you. Take a look below for some of the important tips to play this game:
- As soon as you land, the first thing that you should do is to collect any weapons and ammo that you can find. Also, you should destroy anything that you find to gather materials like metal, stone and especially wood.

- Remember, you can always build your way out of an alarming situation. You can do that by using stairs to scale buildings and hills, and walls to provide yourself with a barricade against the incoming fire.

- Keep in mind that if you see a large staircase that someone has built, you can destroy all of it in just one go. And that can be done by destroying its base. If you do so, the rest of the section of the stair will collapse and if the person who builds it is at a height, he will fall down due to the destruction of the stairs he was standing on. And that may kill that player due to the fall damage.

- If you spot a bullet flare on the ground, then this means that a supply box will be dropped on the ground shortly. Now you can do two things, either grab the loot as soon as the supply box hit the ground. Or, you can hide nearby and wait for players to come and then take them out. Once there is no one left, you can then just go ahead and grab the loot in the supply box and also from the players you killed.

- If you get a shield potion, always drink it quickly. This is because the shield is the most crucial thing and a barrier between enemy bullets and your health. So make sure to consume it as soon as you get it. Also, there is no point in keeping it; it will only take extra space in your inventory.

- There is a recoil factor in the game just like all other shooting games. So you may face a problem with your aim as the gun will recoil and your aim will go upwards. There are two things to tackle it. The first is to adjust your mouse sensitivity so that if the gun goes upward, you can adjust it quickly. Secondly, try to fire in small bursts. This way, the gun will not recoil a lot and you will be able to fire several shots without getting disturbed.
These are some of the tips that most of the beginners will find helpful. Just make sure to read them all carefully and then implement in the game to go forward from the beginner phase.