Fortnite Battle Royale - Choosing the Right Materials

Fortnite has a total of three materials that players can use to build. And when it comes to the best one among all three then you simply cannot point to any one of these as all of them have their perks. Although most people prefer wood, metal and stone are useful too.

So check out the guide about the materials below:
For Final Circle:
If you want to build a base for the final circle, then metal is a good option. This is because metal is stronger than both wood and stone and it can even take damage from an RPG without falling apart. But, the drawback of the metal is that it takes quite a while in building up completely. And a lot can happen in that time, you can get shot or your immature metallic structure can be shot down. So if you are opting for the metal for final circle, you need to make sure that no one is there to send your efforts down the drain. But once you have successfully build a base from metal, it will be hard for players to get you out of there.

For a Base in the Middle:
We talked about building a base at the end with metal, but what about the base at the middle of the game? What if a player wants to build a solid base to defend himself in the middle of the match? Well, there are two resources left then; the wood and the stone. If you want to build a solid base that last longer then you should opt for stone because once built, it will be tougher than wood. But the only drawback with brick is of time. Like metal, stone also takes quite some time in getting built completely. But, it is faster than metal is it is suggested for mid-game base but if you see enemies nearby, you can always go for wood.

For General Use:
Undoubtingly the best resource for building for general use like to reach a height or to build a temporary tower for a vantage point, wood is perfect. It takes a lot less time than metal and stone and even if there are some enemies nearby, you can create a base from it pretty quickly. But the only drawback with wood is that it is weaker than stone and metal. But if you want a temporary base, then the durability should not matter. Also, it is available in abundance in the map so you will not face the problem of running out of the wood.

For Combat:
The best resource to use for combat building is unequivocally the wood. This is an incredible material that will let you build defensive structures quickly. And when you put the structure of wood for building it spawns with more initial HP than metal and wood. So if you want a quick defense against an enemy, wood is definitely the material you should use.

Also, you can quickly build a high structure during combat to get to a height and take out the enemy easily.
Even after reading this guide, if you are unsure about which material to opt for, then wood is best for general use and combat building. You can also use it for mid game and end game base building, but stone and metal are preferred if you have the time.