Fortnite Battle Royale - Duo Building Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale became popular because of its unique feature that lets players build structures like ramps, walls, and roofs, etc. And with their imagination, they can create awesome forts and defensive structures to make sure they have the upper hand on their enemy. And the best thing about building feature is that it is not restricted to the solo mode of the game, you can build all you want in duo and squad modes as well. This building feature alone has boosted the excitement among players as they can now build faster and better with the help of their partner. But, knowing some building tips is always better, it will give you an advantage on those who don’t know the basic but necessary things that I am about to tell you. So let’s see some duo building tips for Fortnite Battle Royale:

Practice Together:
The key to building together is to practice it first. Whenever you get a chance, start building together. This will not only increase your building skills individually but will also make you better at coordinating while building. Besides, practicing building together will increase the speed at which you build, and that will be beneficial if you are building together while combating.

Gather a lot:
The key to building together is to not run out of resources or else the other person will have all the pressure of building as you will be out of resources. So whether you are passing through cities, jungles or a junkyard, try to gather as much as you both can. Also, try to gather at a distance from each other. This way, you will not come into each other’s way while gathering.

Share the resources:
When you are gathering the resources, always communicate with each other the type and amount of resources you have collected. This will come in handy if your buddy lacks some resources and you have those, you can always share them with him. This will ensure smooth coordination whether you are building or fighting as one of you will not have to run for gathering resources while you are building a fort.

Build a fort:
This one is important. If you guys have made it to the final circle, try to build a defensive fort like structure that ensures your safety and also gives you a vantage point for taking out enemies. One of you can defend from the base of the fort, and the other can handle enemies from above. This trick always comes in handy if you reach to the final circle before most of the other players.

This is it. Just work on your coordination skills as building together is all about working together. You need to know what structure your partner will be placed at which place to make sure you don’t create something utterly absurd. And this can be only achieved by communicating and understanding each other’s building habits.