Fortnite Battle Royale - Hand Canon and Revolver Tips

Do you play Fortnite with small weapons? I bet you do, this is because these small weapons come in handy either due to their damage potential or because of the silencers attached to some. Well, today, I am going to talk about two small weapons that are boss in doing massive damage, the Hand Canon and Revolver. These weapons would’ve made a huge hole in an opponent if the game was in real life. Anyways, I love to use these weapons and I have been playing with these weapons long before Fortnite came, I used to play with them in counter strike. And in my experience with these weapons, I have learned some things about them. So let me tell you some hand canon and revolver tips:

Be careful with Shots:
Yes, you need to be very deliberate with shooting when you are using a revolver or a hand cannon. This is because these weapons have a significant delay between their next shot. So make sure to aim well before you shoot, especially at a close range. Otherwise, you may die waiting to fire a second shot, well at least you will be known as the one who died in action.

The first shot is critical one:
When you are using either one of these weapons, always make sure to make the first shot as accurate as possible. This is because the gun will recoil after being fired and you may not get to shoot as accurate as the first shot. Therefore, try to aim at the head with your first shot to do a lot of damage or may even kill the enemy.

Take Cover:
It is possible that you may not land the first shot as accurately as you thought. In this case, try to sneak out of the cover and quickly fire a shot if possible as you are literally using these guns as the shotguns but with a better range.

Hand Canon as Sniper:
Yup, you read it right. The benefit of using the hand cannon is that you can use it from a very long range with a good accuracy and damage. So why not use it as a sniper? Now I am not talking about abandoning the sniper rifle, but I am saying that when you don’t have a sniper, use it to fire an enemy from a distance to take down their shield and then finish them with an assault rifle.

These are some of the tips that are crucial for every Fortnite Battle Royale player to know when he is using either hand cannon or a revolver. Both of these shiny weapons are great in doing some serious damage and giving you an advantage over your competitor. So make sure to benefit from these tips, Good Luck.