Fortnite Battle Royale - Haunted Hills Guide

Haunted Hills is one of the maps of Fortnite Battle Royale that has been around for a long time and has not been changed with different seasons. It is a place that is not much populated so you will not find much resistance there. Haunted Hill is located at the northwest part area on the map that is between the Junk Junction and the Pleasant Park. Both of these areas are also equipped with chests so you can quickly migrate to these places if you don’t find any loot in Haunted Hills. Haunted Hills has two locations that are well known among players, the first one is a Cemetery and the second is a Mausoleum that is located near hill. Now that you have the basic knowledge of the map, let me give you some tips about it:

Head to Mausoleum:
When you go to the Haunted hills or land there, you should head to the Mausoleum first. This is because this place contains most of the chests of Haunted Hills. So instead of wandering in the whole area, you will be able to gear yourself by being at just one place. Moreover, The Mausoleum has a very good vantage point that can be used for Sniping. So there is a chance that you may get a sniper from chests in Mausoleum and you can then use it to take out enemies from the same building.

Good Choice for Landing:
Haunted hills can be a really good choice for a landing. This is because of two reasons. The first is that this place is not that popular among the players so there is a less chance of players coming to this place. And therefore, you will not face much competition. Secondly, the haunted hills has a decent amount of loot as I mentioned earlier so you due to less competition, you will be able to get all the loot. Also, if anyone comes there, you can always take them out by either hiding in the cemetery or from the vantage point that is present in the Mausoleum.

Migrate to Junk Junction:
Now once you are done from the Haunted Hills or if you did not find any loot in this area then no need to worry. You can always go to the Junk Junction and that place will definitely give you some chests. So there is virtually no big loss in landing at the Haunted hills. But make sure to go towards Junk Junction with caution as there can be other players there as well.

This is it guys. These is a guide about Haunted Hills that will definitely help you take advantage of this place better. Just make sure that go to Mausoleum after you land there as this is the place that has most of the loot from Haunted Hills.