Fortnite Battle Royale - How to Do More Damage

Fortnite Battle Royale can make even the most experience gamer cry tears of frustration. Fast game play, constant movement and jump-happy opponents make for harder kills, leaving many players firing endlessly and hitting nothing. The ability to aim and shoot properly is the key to unlocking your inner-John Wick and we're going to teach you how to do just that:

Aim inside:
Once fired, a bullet can travel anywhere within the spread or cone of your crosshairs. This is referred to as Bloom. It means your bullets won't necessarily end up hitting the center-point of your crosshairs, especially when using a shotgun. To get better results, aim inside. Practice keeping as much of your opponent's body within the spread as possible and you'll see your accuracy improve greatly.

Let the Crosshair Shrink:
This is a highly effective tactic in most FPS games and Fortnite BR is no different. Wait a moment or two for your crosshairs to shrink before firing. The smaller your crosshairs get, the more accurate the shot will be. This is particularly useful when shooting from a distance.

Fire Bursts:
When dealing with an enemy, fire in short bursts rather than emptying a full magazine in a single go. This is another tried-and-true tactic of most FPS games. Taking short pauses between 2-second bursts of shooting will minimize your weapon's recoil and highly improve your aim.

Shoot on Upper Body:
Once your accuracy has improved, make sure to always aim for the chest or head. These are your opponents' most vulnerable areas, which means it's where you can deal the most damage.

Practice these 4 simple tactics and your tears of frustration will soon turn to tears of joy.