Fortnite Battle Royale - No Assault Rifle Loadout

There are different loadouts like the defensive loadout or the offensive loadout but all of them have one thing in common and that is the Assault Rifle. This loadout, however, has no Assault Rifle, therefore, it is named the No Assault Rifle Loadout. If you want to know more about the loadout, refer to the guide below:
Include SMG:
As of now, SMG is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It has a very good fire rate meaning it shoots extremely fast and is also super accurate. It sheds through structures quickly and makes it hard for the enemy to build again and again due to the rapid-fire rate. The SMG is so accurate that it can be utilized at close to medium ranged combats where you would consider an Assault Rifle in most cases. This is the reason that you should pick an SMG instead for Assault Rifle if you are going with this loadout.

Add Shotgun:
Although the Shotguns have been nerfed with the recent upgrades, they still are the best option if you are going for the close quarter combats. With this loadout, you can hit one shot with a shotgun and then quickly switch to your SMG to finally finish enemies off. The Heavy Shotgun is always the preferred weapon for this spot but if you cannot find one, you can always go with the pump or tactical shotgun depending on your preference.

Keep a Sniper Rifle:
Yes! This is important for this loadout. This is because a Sniper Rifle will give you a full option of not using the Assault Rifle. You use the Assault Rifle for the long and mid ranged combats but you can do the same with a sniper rifle and if the enemy starts to get close, you can always take out your SMG or Shotgun and kill them. For this loadout, the most preferred method is Hunting Rifle because it is a one-shot weapon if your shot lands on the head and it also has the capability to load fast.

Flex Spot:
This is the flex spot where you can put the weapon or item of your preference but for the sake of this loadout, it is suggested that you keep an explosive item. With this type of build, the remote explosives are really strong because most of your fights are going to be at a close range and this will allow you to knock your opponents down and get them to a range for SMG/Shotgun play.

This last spot should be devoted for the consumable items and preferably the shield. You should put the mini shield at this spot but if you get two should over the small amount of mini is going to be a good replacement for you.

So this is the No Assault Rifle loadout that you should use if you are not a fan of Assault Rifle or want to try something other than the Assault Rifle.