Fortnite Battle Royale - Populated Areas of Season 5

With each season in Fortnite Battle Royale, some areas start to receive a good number of players and same is with the season 5. And the good thing is that the season 5 has received some new areas so it is important to know which areas are receiving more traffic. Therefore, see the areas receiving more players below:
Tilted Towers:
It is perhaps the most populated areas of Fortnite right now and a lot of people land here in every match. The reason is mainly that of the loot that is available in this area. And along with the loot there are very big buildings that provide a good vantage point and each floor of these buildings has a good amount of loot. So it makes perfect sense for players to drop here in huge numbers.

Paradise Palms:
This is the latest addition to the game in the season 5. It is located in the new desert biome that used to be the Moisty Mire. The place is amazing but it is extremely popular right now as it has a lot of ATKs and some decent loot. Besides, it is a new place so players are dropping here like crazy to check it out. So if you land there, be ready to fight as you WILL find a company there.

Lazy Links:
Another new addition to the game with the season 5. It does not have a lot of loot but the area is new and has a decent amount of ATKs so players drop here a lot. Also, if you float around looking for the sand traps, you may find weapons in them. And once you are done with the main clubhouse, you can always go to the hotel for some heavy artillery.

Retail Row:
Although Retail Row is not as popular as the Tilted Towers it once was. But even if you land there now, you will come across some enemies for sure. The reason is mainly that of the huge amount of loot this area encompasses. It has two different areas, the houses and the black tops. The houses are pretty reliable for loot but you will find a lot of players landing there. And the blacktop area is also good as you can go directly for the water and get the chest.

Fatal Fields:
It is a very strong and semi-populated area that has a couple of extra side locations where you can find chests often. There is a decent amount of loot and chests in this area and just like other populated areas, this is the main reason for this area to receive a big number of players at the start of every match. So just make sure to be ready to fight if you land there.

The aforementioned areas are one of the most populated areas in the season 5. Make sure to aim for the weapon first if you land in the areas mentioned above.