Fortnite Battle Royale - Season 5 Week 5 Challenges

It is the mid of the season 5 already. Time is moving at a rapid pace and so should you. If you want to complete all of the challenges of week 5 before it ends, then follow the guide given below:
Search Chests in Junk Junction:
Junk Junction usually has very low players landing mostly because of its extreme distance and because it doesn’t have many rifts nearby. But, with this challenge, there will be plenty of players landing there. So, what you need to do is to follow the map given below and you will be able to get all seven chests before others.

Use Rift Portals:
The Rifts are a great addition to the game as if you land at an area that is pretty far from the map; you can just jump inside a rift and reach the circle quickly. For this challenge, you need to use three rift portals and there are different places on the map where you can find them. So have a look at the areas below to get the rifts.

Eliminate Opponents in Single Match:
It might be a bit difficult for you if you are not an experienced player, but considering the season of the game which is 5, most of the players would be experienced by now. So it won't be hard for you. But, if you are having trouble, head to the 50v50 LTM as it will you a lot of chances to get some kills. You need three kills.
Deal Damage to Players with a Stink Bomb, Clinger or Grenade:
Players use all three of them a lot more frequently these days. If someone is in a tightly built area, clinger will be a good choice. You can force people out with stink bomb and the common grenade is a nice explosive in general. SO whichever you use, you need to deal 300 damage.

Hit a Gold Ball from Tee to Green on Different Holes:
There are a lot of golf tees in the Lazy Links. Just make sure to equip one of the golf ball toys to the favorite emote wheel. Then just stand on the golf tee and use the emote to land the ball on the green. You need to do this five times on different holes.
Follow the Treasure Map Found in Snobby Shores:
This one is hard but it can be easy if you don’t have to find the treasure map then interpret it and then find the treasure. So, for your ease, we will tell you where you can find the treasure. Just go to haunted hills and then go to the bottom mid part of the quadrant B2. You will find the treasure there.

Eliminate Opponents in Shifty Shafts:
The area has a good amount of loot and if you land there before most of the players, you can score a decent weapon as well. So what you need to do is to land there before others, grab a weapon and then just kill three enemies to complete this challenge.

These are all the challenges of the week 5 of season 5. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully and complete all of the challenges before the week ends.