Fortnite Battle Royale - Season 5 Week 8 Challenges Guide

It is already week 8 of season 5 and seems like not much time has passed since the release of season 5. Anyways, no need to be sad, you will get to see season 6 with more upgrades after this one. So back to the topic, if you want to complete the week 8 challenges with ease, follow the instructions below:
Place Traps:
This should not be difficult as you just have to place the traps and not kill enemies with them. But, you are required to place 10 traps and that can take some time. Also, you should be careful about going to areas that are already looted as there can be traps in those areas as people will be placing traps everywhere.

Search Chests in Wailing Woods:
This is a very simple challenge. You just need to find seven chests in the Wailing Woods and it will not be challenging if you have a map with the locations of chests pointed out. Therefore, follow the map given below to get to the areas of chests before other players get there.

Shotgun Eliminations:
Although this is a very straightforward challenge, the problem is that the shotguns have been nerfed so you cannot expect quick kills out of them. But even in this situation, these are a very good weapon at close ranged combat. So what you should do is find one or two shotguns and then find players to kill. You need to kill just four enemies.

Deal Damage with Pickaxe to Opponents:
Now that’s an interesting one. But, not hard if you play intelligently. There will definitely be people with guns who will eat you if you run to them with a pickaxe. So what you need to do is to complete this challenge in duos or squads and when an enemy is down, deal 250 damage with your pickaxe to complete this challenge.
Use a Rift at Different Rift Spawn Locations:
This is not going to be challenging as you just need to find the rifts and pass through 10 of them. However, a challenging thing can be finding those rifts. This is because it is not a joke to find 10 rifts especially when other players is finding them as well. So what you need is a map with the locations of the rifts. Therefore, follow the map given below:

Search between Three Oversized Seats:
This is an interesting one. You need to search between the three oversized seats but it can take a lot of your time if you start searching between the chairs for the treasure. Instead, you can save a lot of your time if you know where the treasure is. So just go to the D9 coordinate and there were three big trees at the top right corner, go and search between them for the treasure.
Eliminate Opponents in Greasy Grove:
Don’t let the title of the challenge confuse you; you will need to eliminate opponents in three different locations. First you need to go to the Greasy Grove, then Lonely Lodge and finally in Fatal Fields.

So these are the challenges of the week 8 of season 5. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully to complete them on time.