Fortnite Battle Royale - Secrets and Easter Eggs

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the few games that contain very impressive easter eggs. So if you want to check some of the most interesting ones out, you should read about them in this guide and them visit them. So check the easter eggs and secrets below:
A Hatch:
There is a mysterious hatch in the Wailing woods that many players have reported. The surprising thing is that this hatch is indestructible. It resembles a garage door and comes out of the ground at a slight angle. A player used the replay system to try to look inside this hatch through the free roam camera but he didn’t find anything other than a concrete hole inside. Some players believe that this hatch is merely a homage to TV show Lost that had a lone hatch at the middle of the jungle.

An Important Meeting:
If you go to the north out of the Wailing Woods and northeast of the Tomato Town, you will see a patch of dirt between two hillsides. Go a bit closer and you will see a golden chest that will be surrounded by wooden seats. There will be a terry bear sitting on one of the seats and a scarecrow will also be found embedded in dust in front of the teddy.

Supervillain Base:
There is a mountain near the Snobby Shores where you will be able to find a supervillain base. There are a lot of chests, ammo boxes and weapons in the base as well. To access the base, you will need to land at the top of the mountain and then enter the shack and then deep down inside a tunnel. Then, smash the door and follow the steps down. If you do this, you will enter the base.

Kayak Chest:
There is a very big building in the Greasy Groove that is perhaps the largest in that area. Go land on that building and start making your way through the ceiling with an air vent on. If you do this, you will drop underneath a Kayak. Destroy the Kayak and the wall that it is hanging from and you will find a golden chest.

Wooden Chair:
If you go to the south of the Shifty Shafts, you might find a giant chair that is made out of wood. And the good thing is that it is not just a sight that is worth seeing, it is actually a pretty good landing spot and usually contains a weapon as well. At first, there was just a small chair there before the major map update and then after the update, the developers made it huge.

These are some of the best secrets and easters eggs in the game that are worth checking out. Just make sure to search for weapons and chests near them as some of them contain these items.