Fortnite Battle Royale - Small Shield Potion and Shield Potion Tips

There is no doubt that health packs in FPS games are of enormous importance. But what would you do if you are either a newbie or playing with pros and need more than the health you have? You will then use the shield potions. Besides the bandages and a med kit, Fortnite Battle Royale has two more items that include Small Shield Potion and Shield Potion. You can consider these as extra health or armor like in other games; you have armor points similarly in Fortnite Battle Royale you have shield points. You may already know about the benefits of these two potions and how to use them, but, it is imperative that you know how to use them properly. Therefore, I am going to tell you some small shield potion and shield potion tips:

Don’t Completely Rely on Shields:
Look, I know shields are one of the essential things in the whole game, but, you cannot rely on shields when it comes to taking damage, more specifically, damage done by non-player factors. What I mean is that the shield will only protect you from the damage that you take from the players. But, if you take damage from the storm or from falling, it will only affect your health. And that means the shield will not protect you. So make sure to keep your HP maintained before the shield.

Don’t Neglect the Small Shield Potion:
The small shield potion is perhaps the most underrated item in Fortnite Battle Royale. Many players do not bother picking it up. But I cannot stress enough on the importance of small shield potion. The first reason is that this small item is available frequently in the game so that you will be having a shield benefit virtually all the time. Also, it is best to get small and quick shield points. And lastly, if you are using slurp juice, you can always fill your shield bar to 50 by taking these small shield potions and then take the slurp juice to make sure it doesn’t get wasted.

Better to Waste than to Be Sorry:
If you are at the beginning of the match, it is always right to use whatever shield you get whether small shield potion or shield potion to get a shield bar. This is because you don’t want to die at the beginning of the game when players are fresh and ready to kill. Don’t keep the shield potion for the end and just use it as soon as you get it.

Take Cover while Consuming:
Last but not the least, the most important aspect of using shield potion that is often neglected is to use it when you are in a safe place. A shield potion takes 5 seconds to be used, and that may not seem much, but if you are in the sights of a sniper, then he just needs 2 seconds to take a headshot. So better safe than sorry, just take cover when using a shield.

I hope the tips that I have shared above are going to help you use the small shield potion and the shield potion more effectively. Always remember, shields are also important for your survival so don’t neglect them.