Fortnite Battle Royale - Snobby Shores Guide

Snobby Shores is a residential area of a very high class. It is located at the western side of the map and the northwest of the Greasy Grove. Snobby Shores comprises of five houses that are separate and fenced off. This means that the area is self-contained with a high chance of close combat action. It encompasses a decent amount of chests that are enough for you to gear up and take out enemies while your way out of snobby shores. In the season 4, there is an addition of a secret lab to the area that can be seen at the side of one of the mountains. Snobby Shores is a pretty decent area to land and gather resources quickly as it is not that big allowing you to search houses in a short period. If you are planning on landing to Snobby Shores, then you need to know about the area beforehand. So, therefore, I am here to guide you about the area. So without wasting any minute, let’s get started:

Self-Contained Area:
As mentioned earlier, the houses inside the Snobby Shores are fenced off, meaning that you can expect close combat if came across an enemy. So to be safe, stay alert while you are wandering in the snobby Shores. Also, look for other people going to snobby shores when you are landing there. Lastly, focus on hearing, due to the fencing of this area, you will be able to hear the footsteps and other sounds a bit more clearly.

Secret Underground Bomb Shelter:
The time of building bomb shelters has gone, but somehow snobby shores has got one. You can find this secret underground bomb shelter inside the southern flattop house. You can access this area by breaking the dresser that is in the south room. In the bomb shelter, you will find three chests, and it will be an excellent start if you get all three of them.

Loot the Weapons:
I think the guys behind Epic were feeling generous when they were designing the Snobby shores. This is because Snobby Shores has some of the finest loot on the whole map. You will find shotguns, AR, Grenade Launchers, RPG’s, Ammo, Snipers and most of all Med Kits, Shields, Slurps, and Bandages. I mean this amount of loot in one area is insane. All you have to do is get to the map as fast as you can and start scouring it. And hopefully, you will find yourself a weapon to take out others who come to this area.

With this knowledge about this area, I am sure you will get the most out of Snobby Shores. Just make sure to reach there before others, search quickly and grab a weapon as soon as you can. The rest will be easy for you.