Fortnite Battle Royale - Week 3 Challenges Guide

As you all gamers know, Fortnite Battle Royale’s season 4 also has weekly challenges and the week 3 has started. So, with the start of this week, 7 different challenges have been given to players. While some are easy to complete, some are very hard and may take ages for some players to complete. This is the reason that most of you guys rely on guides as these allow players to cut the time that would have spent on searching and running here and there. So, I am going to help you complete the challenges of week 3 of season 4 with this guide. Make sure to read it completely and carefully. Okay so without further ado, let’s get started:

Watch a Replay of Match:
Pretty obvious and the easiest challenge of all time. I think the guys behind Epic are running out of challenges so they threw this insanely obvious challenge. All you have to do here is to just watch a replay of a match you have played. Go to the career tab at the upper right corner of your screen, select replays and watch yourself destroy your opponents.

Deal Damage to Opponents with Pistols:
The best pistols to use in this challenge are the suppressed pistol and the hand cannon. This is because you can silently deal damage to enemies with a suppressed pistol or blow them and do a great deal of damage with the hand cannon. You just need to do 500 damage.

Search the Chests in Lonely Lodge:
This one is usually a quite landing area but with this challenge, you can expect a lot of competition. This is why you need a map with exact locations of chests to get the chests before others. Good thing is that I have created a map for you guys, check it below. Also, you need 7 chests to complete the challenge.

Search the Rubber Duckies:
Another challenge that requires the help of a map because the ducks are spread across the whole map and it will take you ages to find them on your own. So here is the map for finding the Duckies:

Follow Treasure Map Found in Salty Springs:
Another hard challenge, first find the map then find the treasure. But as I said above, I am here to guide you complete these challenges so don’t worry. Don’t bother going to Salty Springs, instead, head to the shopping cart race cart track and search for the treasure at the area located on the upper left side of the map at J7.

Sniper Rifle Eliminations:
This one is the extension of the challenge in the previous season where you had to kill 1 enemy. But now you have to kill 2 enemies with a sniper. Do this in Solo because in duos and squad, players can be revived with the help of their teammates and you may not get the kill easily.

Eliminate Opponents in Tilted Towers:
Another obvious challenge. There will be other players coming to this place to complete this challenge. Just try to reach there first and get a rifle. Once you have the weapon, it is easy to complete the challenge then. Kill 3 players and you are done.

Well, guys, this is it, this guide to completing all 7 challenges of week 3 of season 4 is all that you need. Just make sure to follow its maps and other tips to complete the challenges before the week ends.