Fortnite Battle Royale - Week 4 Challenges Guide for Season 4

Well, I cannot believe that four weeks have passed since the start of season 4, it seems like yesterday. But there is nothing to be sad about, with the end of season 4 we will get to see season 5 so there is hope for everybody. Anyways, I hope that you are keeping up with your weekly challenges because I am here again with the guide for completing week challenges of season 4. So without further ado, let’s jump right in:

Deal Damage to Opponents with Assault Rifles:
Obvious! But there is a catch; you need to deal 1000 damage which is a lot. What you can do is to start fighting with Assault Rifles from the start till the end of the match and hopefully you will get 1000 damage mark. Just make sure not to die as you will have to find the Assault rifle again then.

Search Chests in Wailing Woods:
The infamous chest challenge of Wailing Woods is back. You need to find seven chests in the area, and the truth is, this is not that much hard to find seven chests if you have a map with exact locations of chests. Therefore I have created this map below:

Search 7 Ammo Boxes in Single Match:
Again, Obvious, but it can be hard to find seven ammo boxes when all of the players will be searching for them because of this challenge. So it will not be a good choice to land in popular areas that may have ammo chests. Instead, search in low population areas, and you will clear this challenge more quickly.

Visit Center of Different Storm Circles in Single Match:
Now, this is what I call a challenge. You need to visit centers of 3 storm circles (white circle on the map). It will not be as easy as it seems. There will be players running from every direction to visit the center of the circle just to complete this challenge. What I suggest is that you go towards the center but then hide and observe if there is someone else there or not. If there are people, let them fight with each other and when they leave, go and register your visit to the center of the circle.

Search between Ice cream truck, Bench, and Helicopter:
This one can be hard as you need to pinpoint the exact location of the treasure and then go there to find it. To make it easy for you, I have placed a marker at the exact spot where you can find the treasure. Now with this information, you will not face any problem in finding the treasure. Check out the Moisty Mire area on the map below to see the marker:

Trap Eliminations:
Another hard challenge because they have reduced the damage caused by a trap from 125 to 75. So the best way to complete this challenge is first to do damage to players with a gun or pickaxe and then lure them towards your trap to get the kill.

Eliminate Opponents in Snobby Shores:
This is also an easy challenge as you need to kill three people in this area and there will be a lot of players coming into this area to complete this challenge. You can get your kills then. A good way to complete this challenge is to kill three people in this area using trap and Assault Rifle. You will complete two challenges this way and will get some damage for Assault Rifle challenges.

This is it; I hope this guide will help you complete the challenges of week four before it ends. Just make sure to follow these instructions closely, and you will complete the challenge in no time.
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