Fortnite Battle Royale - What was the Infinity Gauntlet Event?

The Infinity Gauntlet is the product of the crossover between Fortnite Battle Royale and Marvel. This crossover event is a collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel that surrounds the Infinity War movie. Due to this event, a limited mode Marvel character is introduced in the game. The character is not Iron Man, Captain America, or Spiderman; it is the mighty Thanos. He is making appearances in the game for a limited amount of time, maybe till the end of the season 4.

About Thanos:
Thanos will not appear in a way that is shown in the movie, meaning you will not have to fight him in a typical villain form. Instead, Thanos will fight with you as a player. That means a normal player will transform into Thanos and will fight with you. Just like the movie, Thanos is so powerful in the game that he can crush players with one mighty blow. He will not use any gun, but he will have his own powers and those are more lethal than any weapon.

About Infinity Gauntlet:
The infinity gauntlet as mentioned above is the crossover between Epic and Marvel. It is a mythical item that can transform a regular player into the mighty Thanos. YES! You read it right; you can turn into Thanos if you get the infinity gauntlet. The infinity gauntlet us a great limited time addition to the game that has made a huge difference in the game in terms of fun. Whoever picks it up will remain Thanos till the end of the game if he does not die. If the player who has picked up the infinity gauntlet gets killed by another player then he will drop the infinity gauntlet. Although it is usually hard to kill Thanos, but he can be killed. So if you get the gauntlet and turn into Thanos, make sure to play defensive as well, don’t just go for attacks.


Finding the Infinity Gauntlet:
There is no specific location for the infinity gauntlet. This is because of the infinity gauntlet inside a meteor that lands in the storm safe zone at the beginning of the match. So you will have to keep your eyes open to get the infinity gauntlet. Another way you can get the infinity gauntlet is to kill Thanos. Yes, you will have to kill Thanos and he will drop the infinity gauntlet. You can then grab it and transform into Thanos. But other than that, there is no other way to get the infinity gauntlet. If you fight with Thanos, make sure you have big weapons like rockets and grenades as he is tough to kill and he can take you out in a single blow.

I suggest you to at least try getting the infinity gauntlet once. It is a lot of fun to kill players by being Thanos. They will run away from you and you can go behind them, attack them and kill them. Just make sure to be defensive as well.
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