Fortnite Battle Royale - Why Loot Ammo Boxes and How Not to Run Out?


One of the biggest problems that most of the players face is that they run out of ammo soon. So if you are one of them, you need to know why you should loot more ammo and how to save it, take a look below:
Why Loot Ammo Boxes?
Needed for End Game:

No matter how much you hide from players in the game, you will need to fight them at the end of the game. And this is the reason that you need together as much ammo as possible because no matter how much you have, it will always be not enough.

So, therefore, you will have to loot as much ammo boxes as you can. Don’t think that you won’t need them, you never know how many enemies you face in the final circle and running out of ammo at that time will be an infuriating thing.
Depletes Quickly:
Another reason that you need to keep as much ammo as you can is that it depletes quickly. Don’t know why but in Fortnite Battle Royale, the ammo does not last and the worst thing is that you don’t find ammo very often.

So, therefore, you need to loot as much ammo boxes as you can, kill enemies, get their ammo, open chests get it from there, find it on ground loot and take it. The gist of the matter is that no matter where you see it, just get it as soon as you can.
How Not To Run Out?

Rotate Weapons:

One thing that you should be doing when you are playing Fortntie Battle Royale is to save your best weapons for the end. And you can only do that if you save their ammo. And to save their ammo, you should rotate weapons. Do not use your best weapons if not necessary, meaning, if you see an enemy who is unaware of your presence, take out the weapon that you may not use in the end game and use that weapon on the enemy. This way, you will save the ammo for the weapon you will need in the final circle.

Fire in Short Bursts:
Another tactic to save your ammo is to fire your weapon in short bursts. Do not fire the whole magazine at once as it will not only deplete your ammo quickly but it will also improve your accuracy. This is because short bursts result in fewer recoils. So try to fight with enemies in short bursts if you are using Assault Rifles or SMGs. And if you are using shotgun or sniper, try only to fire when you are sure that you have an accurate aim. This will gradually decrease your ammo depletion rate.
Now that you know why you should loot ammo boxes you should follow the tips above for saving your ammo so you can have good weapons to use at the end.