Fortnite Battle Royale - Worst Combat Locations Season 4

The season 4 has brought some changes with it and either it changed some places and made them worst for combat or those places were already not suitable for combat. So today, you will know about the worst locations in the map for combat because of their distance to center, amount of loot and number of players that land there. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Risky Reels:
Risky Reels has recently been updated in Season 4 and that created a short wave among players to visit the place. But now, not many players visit this area and this is the primary reason that this area is not suitable if you are looking for some early game action. Although there is a decent loot in Risky Reels as mentioned before, you will not find many players in Risky Reels so that makes it one of the worst places for combat.

Haunted Hills:
Besides being the worst place to land, Haunted Hills is also the worst place for combat. The primary reason is that it is very far away from the center of the map and therefore, not many players will land there. Also, the area is very small so if you do see some enemies there, it will be hard for you to get cover as it is a small hill. And lastly, there are very few chests at Haunted Hills and most of them do not contain good amount of loot.

Wailing Woods:
Another area that is not so popular among players. And this is the primary reason for it being one of the worst locations for combat. Also, Wailing Woods does not have many chests, the only place to find chests is the maze and it only has two to three chests at best. So the place has no players and no useful chests and that’s what makes it one of the worst places for combat.

Junk Junction:
Junk Junction is absolutely the worst place of all. Just like the name, it is indeed a junk place to land. You will not find much loot here and the little amount that you will find will be of very low quality. You will mostly get common weapons and unattractive items in the chests. Also, not much players land in the Junk Junction and it is really far from the center of the map. Another drawback of landing here is that the area that is near to Junk Junction is Haunted Hills that is also one of the worst locations for combat. So you will not be getting decent loot and early game action if you land at Junk Junction.

These are some of the worst places to land in Fortnite Battle Royale season 4. And to be honest, these were the worst places even before the season 4. Let’s see if Epic makes any changes to these areas to make them attractive for players.

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