Freeing iPad Storage Space by Deleting Videos and Cached Items

If your iPad is running low on storage that you want to use for photos, songs, or other files, then it’s time to start freeing up some storage by wiping out inessential files. There are numerous ways to do this, but arguably the simplest method involves wiping out old videos and caches. Use the steps below to do both.

Step 1

Start by clearing out your videos. Video files, even for short videos, can take up a lot of space on your iPad, and since you probably aren’t watching them every day, it’s in your best interest to delete them to free up space. Start by deleting videos you’ve taken. Find any videos in your Camera Roll—or any video projects in iMovie—and delete them. Remember to back up your videos to your computer if you want to preserve them for posterity’s sake.

Step 2

Video files could also be hogging storage space from your texts. If you’ve texted or been texted video files in the past, it might feel like they’ve been lost in the annals of text conversations, but they’re still there, and they can add up in storage space over time. Consider wiping out old text conversations to get rid of excess files.

Step 3

Target the caches on your iPad. Some of the biggest storage offenders on the device are the browsing caches and tracking cookies that build up thanks to Safari. Navigate to your device settings, select Safari, and then tap both “Clear Cookies and Data” and “Clear History.” The cache on your device will be wiped clean.


Over time, your iPad can be slowed down and filled up with unnecessary documents and files. By getting rid of video files or browser caches, you will feel like you have a whole new device.