Getting System Information Right on Desktop?

With the help of Bginfo softer, the system information can be availed right on the desktop through which, one can easily know the complete configuration of the system such as processor, OS version, boot time, RAM, IP address, DNS, etc. The users need not have to run commands or go to several diagnostic windows to check system configuration.

The software helps organizations having numerous systems each with different configuration to assess their information easily. This further helps the administrators assign task to different systems on the basis of these configurations.

Once you run Bginfo, it paints the system information on the desktop and then quits. The painted information may sometimes vary from the actual information since the hardware and other configurations may change as per the uses. However, there are no substantial changes. Bginfo supports personalization. This means, you can select what information is to be displayed on the desktop screen along with font, size, color, position etc. Since it exits after painting the information on the desktop, it does not utilize system resources anymore. It is a small size application and easily available for download.

How to use BgInfo:

    ■Download the file from its official website.
    ■Extract the zip file to the desired location.
    ■Open the .exe file by double-clicking it.
    ■On the license agreement page, click the Agree button.
    ■On the opened interface, select the needed information from the list in the right pane and click Add.

    ■To remove any information, select the entire row from the left pane and press Del key on the keyboard.
    ■Also, to change the position of the displayed information, you can click Position button from the right.
    ■From the opened box, choose the position where you want the information to be displayed.

    ■Click Apply to make the information appear on your desktop.

How to remove the Information from desktop:
    ■Open the BgInfo.
    ■Select the entire list of items to be displayed and press Del key on the keyboard.
    ■Click Apply.

Note: - While removing information, if the desktop also gets removed, do not panic. Apply the desktop background and it will be normal again.
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