Google Assistant Can’t Set Reminders?


While undeniably, the Google Assistant is an extremely helpful tool, it does have its share of problems. One of those problems is that sometimes users can’t set reminders via the assistant. Why this happens, we’re not sure but there is a solution that works.

Naturally, you’ll need your phone and the Google Assistant app to fix the issue and that’s it. The fix is pretty straightforward as you’ll see for yourself, so here we go.

    ■ First, make sure that the language settings are set to English (US or UK). To do that, open the Settings on your phone (depending on the device and Android version, the location for settings and language settings will be different, but the steps are all the same).


    ■ Now, find the Additional settings.


    ■ Next, find and tap on Languages & input.


    ■ Tap on Languages and change the setting to English (US) or English (UK) if it’s not set already. When you finish that, tap on Google voice typing.


    ■ In there, set the language to English (US) or English (UK).


    ■ Once you’re finished doing that, open your Google Assistant by tapping and holding the home button on your mobile or by saying: “Hey Google”.
    ■ Now say or type in the command: “Delete all my reminders”. You can also delete any of your reminders manually if by any chance Google Assistant didn’t delete them all.
    ■ This is supposed to work as some sort of reset, so any future reminders should be working as intended and there shouldn’t be any problems setting them up.
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