Hide Last Seen Status In WhatsApp In iPhone

For various privacy reasons, at times you may not want anyone to know when you last checked WhatsApp on your iPhone. Because WhatsApp is set to show your last seen status to everyone by default, its privacy settings must be changed manually.
Here’s how:
    Launch WhatsApp
    Locate and tap the WhatsApp icon on your iPhone. This launches WhatsApp. If you’re using the app for the first time after setting up your iPhone, you must go through the WhatsApp’s set up process as well before you can start using it to chat with your friends.

    Get to the WhatsApp’s Privacy window
    In the WhatsApp’s interface, tap Settings > Account > Privacy. This takes you to the Privacy window that lets you configure all the privacy settings for your WhatsApp profile.



    Hide the last seen status

Tap Last Seen, and then tap Nobody in the Last Seen window. This keeps people from seeing when you last checked WhatsApp on your iPhone. Alternatively you can also select My Contacts to show your last seen status only to the people in your contact list.


Note: Even if you hide the last seen status, people can still see you as ‘Online’ every time you’re online on WhatsApp.