How Can I Build My Own Android App without Coding?

How Can I Build My Own Android App without Coding?

After seeing the gigantic android market with billions of turnover, it is quite obvious and normal that you might also want to become a successful android developer. You may also want to become an android developer if you want to build an android app for your own company, for your personal uses, for fun, or to make money by publishing it on the most popular android app stores.

Although thinking about becoming an android developer sounds quite promising and charming, the matter of the fact is that it takes a decent amount of time and lots of expertise to develop a good android app. You also need to be a good programmer and must have good understanding and exposure on advanced Java and Android SDK.

If you have all the above qualifications, there is no way you cannot become a good android developer. However, what about those who have no programming skills, no technical qualifications, and have no coding exposure?

For such people who are non-technical and still want to become android developers, there is a decent android app builder app developed by Appy Pie. With the help of Appy Pie’s software, you can easily develop android, iPhone, BlackBerry etc. apps without even touching the coding part. There are quite a few other drag & drop style application creator software suites, but we haven't encountered any of any deep value beyond this one (though feel free to chime in if you've spotted one that has emerged and might be better)

Since this discussion is precisely about android app development, you can ignore the other platforms that the other products of the Appy Pie has developed.

With the help of Android app builder, you can easily create nice and decent android apps just by simple dragging and dropping the tools available in the designing interface of the application. As you drag and drop the tools available in the interface to develop the face of your android app, the corresponding programming codes are automatically generated in the background and are saved at the correct places accordingly. Once the front face of your android app is prepared, you can use other tools available in the Android app builder application to make them respond according to the users’ input.

Although with the help of Android app builder application you might not be able to develop high-end and very complex android games or apps, the application can become a good motivation for you and help you get started with the android development career. Once you are proficient with this application, you can then go for some advanced programming language tutorials and master yourself in those languages to develop even more robust and sophisticated android apps.
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