How Can I See Which LinkedIn Members Have I Blocked?

Just like many other social networking websites, LinkedIn allows you to block unwanted members from your profile. When you block a LinkedIn user from your profile, neither of you can access each other’s profiles, and you remain invisible to each other. In addition to this, any endorsements that you may have given the blocked user (if the user was added to your LinkedIn connections) would be automatically removed.

Once you have blocked any LinkedIn member, you can view him/her by going to the block list.

Here is how you can view the LinkedIn members you have blocked:

Note: Since your connection with the blocked user is automatically removed at the time of blocking, you must resend him/her a connection request if you ever plan to unblock him/her and want to add him/her back to your LinkedIn connections.
    ■Sign-in to your LinkedIn account using your favorite web browser.
    ■On the Home page, hover mouse over the Accounts & Settings icon (icon with the profile pic) at the top-right corner.
    ■From the expanded list, click the Review link representing Privacy & Setting. If prompted, provide your login credentials to proceed.

    ■On the next page, ensure that the Profile tab is selected in the lower-left section.
    ■From the right section, under the Privacy Controls section, click the Manage who you’re blocking link.

    ■On the next page, under the Your block list section, you can view and manage the blocked people.


Note: if you want to unblock a particular person, click the Unblock option from the right representing the target person.