How Can You Use the New Features of the In-built Finder App on MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro is a laptop wonder considering the current technical trends. The MacBook Pro comes with the latest advancements, providing the users with exclusive apple features.
The Mac notebook comes with inbuilt Apple features, which include applications like Apple Finder. The Finder app is the most efficient file managing application, offering various features to find your documents and files and do much more. Here’s how to use the new features of the inbuilt Finder app on MacBook Pro.

How to Use New Features of Finder App on MacBook Pro?
Step 1
Launch the 'App'

To launch the ‘Finder App’, click on the Finder icon which can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen, on the Dock.

Step 2
Or launch it with Go

You can also launch your ‘Finder App’ by clicking ‘Go’ from the options at the top of the screen.
A drop-down Go menu will appear, in which you can select ‘Computer’ to view the files and folders on your MacBook.

Step 3
The Finder Window

You can browse through the ‘Categories list’ on the left which offer quick access to various Applications, Downloads, and files. A ‘Search bar’ is also provided, in case you remember the file name.

Step 4
Sort Files

The finder app allows the users to sort their files according to Names, Size, Kind, and Labels. This can be done by selecting the fifth button from the left.

Step 5
Toggle View

You can ‘toggle your view screen’ by selecting one of the first four buttons.

Step 6
Share Files

You can ‘share your files’ through several online portals by selecting the second button from the right.

Step 7
Edit 'Preferences and More'

You can also adjust preferences under the ‘Finder tab’ on the top. You can customize your general and advanced settings there.

You should be able to use the features of Finder app.
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