How to Access Control Center in iPhone X

Control Center in your iOS device allows you to gain access to the important apps instantaneously, even without unlocking your device.
In all iDevices, Control Center can be accessed by sliding the screen from the bottom to top. However, iPhone X works differently, not only when it comes to accessing Control Center but for many other options and features that are directly or indirectly related to the Home button.
Although iPhone X’s lock screen itself has shortcuts to access the Flashlight and Camera apps, you may still want to access Control Center to turn on or off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or increase or decrease screen brightness or music volume.
Here’s how you can access Control Center in iPhone X:
    Wake up the screen
    Press the Sleep/Wake button, pick your iPhone X, or tap the screen once. Any of the three methods wakes your iPhone X but keeps the screen locked. The Flashlight and Camera apps can be accessed from the lock screen itself, without getting to Control Center.

    Access Control Center
    Slide your finger from the top-right notch to down. This brings down the Control Center screen that lets you access important apps quickly.

    Close Control Center

Tap anywhere on the Control Center window. This closes Control Center, and takes you back to the lock screen, or any other window you were working on before opening Control Center.
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