How to Access Notes from the Lock Screen in iOS 11

The Notes app in your iOS device allows you to jot down important messages or any other information that might slip out of your mind after some time. Be it a recipe of your favorite food, a mathematical formula, your newly opened account number, or even an innovative idea that needs to be noted instantaneously before it is washed away.
Because of this, it becomes obvious that the Notes app should be accessible right from the lock screen itself. This can be done from the Control Center screen that can be opened by swiping your finger from bottom to top, even when your phone is locked. However, by default the shortcut of the Notes app is not present in the Control Center screen and must be added manually.
Here’s how:
    Opening the Control Center settings window
    Tap Settings from the Home screen, and tap Control Center from the Settings window. This opens the Control Center window.

    Customizing the controls
    Tap the Customize Control option. This opens the Customize window that allows you to add or remove the apps from the Control Center screen.

    Adding the Notes app to Control Center
    Scroll down to the MORE CONTROLS section of the Customize window, and tap the + symbol within the green circle next to Notes. This moves the Notes app to the INCLUDE section, thus making it accessible from the Control Center screen.

    Going to the lock screen
    Press the Home button once, and then press the On/Off button to get back to the Home screen and lock the phone respectively. Next, press the On/Off button again. This will show the lock screen of your iPhone.

    Checking if the Notes app is accessible from the lock screen

While on the lock screen, swipe your finger from bottom to top on your iDevice. This will open the Control Center screen. You can tap the Notes icon from the bottom to launch the app.

Note: To configure how the app behaves when it is launched from its shortcut icon in the Control Center screen, you can go to Settings > Notes > Access Notes from Lock Screen, and pick your preferred option from there.
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