How to Activate Special Powers in Angry Birds

There are certain special powers that can be activated while playing Angry Birds. For the most part, any special power can be activated by clicking the icon for that power while it appears on the screen. Here are a few of the powers that can be activated.

Step 1
Activate the sling scope. The sling scope icon appears on the screen. Players must tap it in order to use it. The Sling Scope provides players with a more accurate slingshot. There is a visible arc trail so that players can aim more accurately.

Step 2
The power potion can be activated by tapping it on screen (or clicking the mouse if playing on a PC). The potion makes the bird in the slingshot grow larger and more powerful. A powered up bird can destroy stronger walls and lead to a higher point total.

Step 3
You can cause the ground to shake by activating the Birdquake power. Again, when it is made available, tap the Birdquake icon. The quake helps a player destroy weak supporting walls and help to collapse an entire structure.

Step 4
When you see the King Sling icon, tap it to take control of a metal slingshot that is more powerful than the standard one. The rubber bands are stronger and give a player more power for bird launches. The birds can fly farther and faster helping to destroy more and acquire more points.